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Hybrid integrated high performance electronic stripes​

16 partners from three European countries

will cooperate on the development of solutions for flexible interconnects and planar hybrid foil systems.

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Hybrid integrated high performance electronic stripes

In a number of today’s miniaturised electronics applications, conventional cable wiring is both costly and wasteful of materials. It also restricts scope to innovate and increase product performance. The HyPerStripes project is addressing these limitations by developing technologies and production techniques for long, smart, flexible electronic systems (‘hyperstripes’) that can replace traditional cables and printed circuit boards.

It will focus on two key applications: medical instruments used in minimally invasive procedures (e.g. catheters and endoscopes) and eco-friendly LED lighting surfaces.

The partners will create a technology platform and manufacturing techniques for roll-to-roll (R2) processing and integration of electronic components onto very long (‘endless’) flexible web substrates. This will open the way to higher performance products and new applications, while also reducing the cost and environmental impact of manufacturing. Plus, it will enable Europe to compete globally in the production of flexible electronics, with significant advances for sustainability in production and products.



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